Safe Use of Chlorinated Solvents in Surface Cleaning

High quality standards in the surface cleaning industry demand special performance products. Chlorinated solvents have been the products of choice for decades in metal cleaning applications due to their non-flamability, high degreasing potential, low surface tension and high recycling potential.


The SAFE-TAINER system is closed-loop state-of-the-art delivery system for handling chlorinated solvents. In combination with closed degreasing equipment or similar, it represents the Best Available Technology for the use of these products.

The SAFE-TAINER system includes two different, specially designed double-walled containers. One is exclusively designed for the supply of fresh solvent and the other for the collection of used solvent. Both containers are delivered with a 216.5 litre drum inside. The outer steel box protects the drum, preventing damage or spills. The SAFE-TAINER container is lockable, and as a result of its special base construction it is easy to transport with a forklift truck or pallet lifter.

Chlorinated Solvents

The SAFE-TAINER system combines advantages of chlorinated solvents as the best choice in metal cleaning applications with an environmentally friendly closed-loop product cycle.

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