Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

The SafeTainer system combines advantages of chlorinated solvents as the best choice in metal cleaning applications with an envonmentally friendly closed-loop product cycle.

Modified Alcohols

A viable alternative to the chlorinated solvents for industrial component cleaning.


Isoparafinic fluids designed for the effective industrial degreasing.

ROCOL Lubricants

The ROCOL range of innovative greases, metalworking fluids, lubricants, cleaners and oils is designed for today's challenging operating conditions.

Maintenance Lubricants

A comprehensive range of lubricants designed for all Maintenance needs.

Food Grade Lubricants

FOODLUBE for the food & other clean industries, is the choice when only absolute safety is essential.

Metalworking Lubricants

ROCOL Metalworking Lubricants offer an innovative range of technically advanced lubricants and fluids.

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