Metalworking lubricants

Metalworking Lubricants, a specialist business unit within ROCOL Lubricants Group, develop and manufacture a range of innovative fluids and lubricants whose performance is designed to meet the increasing demands placed upon today's production processes.

Commitment to new product development is unrivalled with experienced chemists dedicated in formulating cutting edge technology.

ROCOL Metalworking Lubricants products benefit machine shops, precision engineers, and fabricators throughout the world in many different industries. There are TRI-Logic, ULTRACUT, ULTRAGRIND, ULTRAFORM, Ultracare, RTD, V-cut and Accu-Lube.

Maximising Metalworking Fluid Life Technically Advanced Cutting & Grinding Fluids Technically Advanced Grinding Fluids Technically Advanced Forming Fluids
 Ultracare  RTD  V-cut  Accu-Lube
Supply & Management Of Metalworking Fluids Metal Cutting Lubricant Which Doubles Tool Life Value Engineered Metalworking Fluids Near Dry Micro-Lubrication System