RTD is the world leading hand applied lubricant for Reaming, Tapping & Drilling operations.

RTD technology has been successfully serving industry for over 40 years.

RTD gives the user the performance and reliability associated with every ROCOL product.

RTD lubricants are designed to:

Typical Applications

ULTRACUT 200 Series - Soluble Oil Fluids

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Product Description
TRI-Logic RTD Tapping fluid that fortifies cutting fluid.
RTD LIQUID Metal cutting liquid which doubles tool life.
RTD CLEANCUT Sulphur & Chlorine free tapping fluid.
RTD COMPOUND Metal cutting compound which doubles tool life.
RTD SPRAY Metal cutting lubricant which doubles tool life.
RTD FOAMCUT Foaming lubricant which doubles tool life.
RTD CHLORINE FREE RTD Chlorine free range of metal cutting lubricants which double tool life.