Bacteria and fungi are the enemy of metalworking fluids. For generations, chemists and lubricant technologists have been working to minimise their adverse effect on metalworking fluids.

ROCOL have taken a new approach, developing a synergistic system of cutting fluid, slideway lubricant and tapping fluid. All 3 work together to maximise metalworking fluid life and performance.

TRI-Logic Maximum Life Cutting Fluid

All TRI-Logic metalworking fluids have been carefully formulated to resist degradation in the sump. The TRI-Logic range of metalworking fluids include:

Product Description
TRI-Logic ML Maximum life cutting fluid.
TRI-Logic EP Maximum life extreme pressure cutting fluid.
TRI-Logic AL Maximum life aluminium cutting fluid.
TRI-Logic ALX Maximum life cutting fluid for roll tapping.
TRI-Logic BF Maximum life boron free cutting fluid.
TRI-Logic FE Maximum life cutting fluid for ferrous materials.
TRI-Logic SW Maximum life cutting fluid for soft water.

TRI-Logic VG68 Slideway Lubricant

The primary cause of tramp oil is the total loss slideway lubrication system incorporated in the majority of modern machine tools. In effect, tramp oil contamination and poor cutting fluid life are designed in to the machine tool.

Product Description
TRI-Logic VG68 a VG220 Maximum life cutting fluid.


Where used in conjunction with water mix cutting fluid, tapping fluid creates yet another source of contamination when it is washed from tool and workpiece into the cutting fluid. In order to avoid providing an additional food source for bacteria and fungi, TRI-Logic RTD has been formulated using ‘biologically hard’ raw materials.

TRI-Logic RTD builds on the well established and market leading ROCOL technology, providing excellent tool life and surface finish.

Product Description
TRI-Logic RTD Tapping fluid that fortifies cutting fluid.

TRI-Logic HO32

To compliment the TRI-Logic System ROCOL have introduced a high performance hydraulic oil formulated to minimise the detrimental effects of hydraulic oil leaks on cutting fluid. Following the TRI-Logic philosophy, TRI-Logic HO32 contains special additives that prevent it from being a food source for bacteria. It is also suitable for use in bar feeders requiring a 32 viscosity grade hydraulic oil.

Product Description
TRI-Logic HO32 Hydraulic oil for machine tools.